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Does time slip through
your fingers?

Have you ever seen the melting clocks by Salvador Dali? Of course, you have seen. We placed it right on this page. The picture shows us the erratic period of time that we experience while dreaming. Every time we enter the dream world, we find ourselves beyond time and place. The clocks don’t matter, so they are melting away.

That’s quite a profound and slightly romantic thought. But it’s also a completely impractical approach for time management. When we charge by the hour by working on a translation project, writing or editing copy, nobody will pay us for the dreaming time. Whether you are a dreamer or a person who strives to be more accurate, you need ExactSpent to prevent working against the clock.

ExactSpent boosts

ExactSpent is a time tracking system that allows you get a full picture of your workload and time expenses. It can help you to identify chronophages and time savers, so you can see where your time goes and can act promptly to maximize its usefulness.

Track time

You can easily track time spent on a particular job to estimate its cost for your client.

Optimize workflow

Identify things that waste your time so you can learn to stay away from them to maximize the usefulness of your time.

Stay focused

Set alerts so that you won’t be distracted from your work beyond a certain time.


Why use a personal
time tracking tool?

ExactSpent isn’t means for a distrustful client to control you. It’s your ally in managing time efficiently and charging your customer for hours truly worked.

<b>Your personal trainer</b>

Your personal trainer

ExactSpent will help you to identify how many words you translate, write, or edit
in a minute. Look through yesterday’s results and break your record today.

<b>Your accountant</b>

Your accountant

It’s easy to identify how much to charge for a particular job since ExactSpent knows how much time you have spent on any single task.


Integration with
Translation Office 3000 (TO3000)

Freelance translators can benefit from integration with TO3000 since it has become easier to reflect time invested in a translation job.

<b>Open ExactSpent right from TO3000</b>

Open ExactSpent right from TO3000

Open the job you work on in TO3000, click the ExactSpent button to open it right from TO3000, and start to count time.

<b>Import results</b>

Import results

Import your time results into TO3000 to calculate the total value of the work.


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VERSION 2023.0.0 BUILD 29, JANUARY 26, 2024


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